Our Sponsors

It’s true: our program, like many things, requires money to operate. And we do accept cash, goods & services from businesses we know and love, in exchange for helping them out, too. Here’s some direct links for our current sponsors:


J Jean Portraits

A local photography business here in Salem provides nearly every kind of photo need you could imagine, and, of course, many many more. We are very excited to have J Jean Portraits as a sponsor here on WTBC Radio.

Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce

Portland based Hot Sauce company that is known for their vegan pop-up events at The Twilight. We’re very excited to work with businesses with people we know and love, and this sauce is something I was able to sample before it was even a product for the public. If you want a stylish hot sauce that fits your life a little better, this is the sauce for you.