William Davenport: “I Started Out As A Punk Rocker”

William Davenport: “I Started Out As A Punk Rocker”

This is my interview with William Davenport, conducted in The Lava Lamp Lounge on 27 January 2018.

This program is sponsored by LivBar, J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link.

Topics Include:

What attracts William to art and creative philosophy, getting into punk rock and seeing shows in the late 70s, finding minimalist composers and post-punk, discovering films as a kid with his grandmother, finishing Media about Media about Media, Unsound zine, starting Problemist, meeting Chris Rankin, finding David Lawrence for the album, Mark Hosler’s tape edits, The Industrial Handbook, being a collector, how exhausting making art can be, taking the ‘90s off, making TV commercials and other projects, the difficulty in a Problemist show now, the intentions of artists, getting into teaching and autism activism, what makes people on the spectrum so interesting, The Great American Cassette Masters, Too Sane For This World, The New Punks, Ziners, the lost Noise Nation TV Show, meeting Negativland for the first time, the digitized Unsound, possible new music from Problemist and the coming Hunting Lodge documentary.

Talk Story Films

My Conversations with The Members of Negativland

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