/root_DIR: “Damn, We’ve Gotta Break Up More Often”

/root_DIR: “Damn, We’ve Gotta Break Up More Often”

This is a pair of performances and an interview with /root_DIR, recorded at The Space Concert Club on 13 May 2018 & The Space Concert Club on 5 January 2018, and an interview by phone on 4 June 2018.

This program is sponsored by LivBar, J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link.



Set 1 (13 May 2018 at The Space):

Guilty / Not Guilty * WILSONCORE * MF Mountain * Out of Order * pokemongofuckyourself * Oily Discharge * Fuck Yeah Fuck * Can Life * Fuck The Piss Jug

Interview 1 (at The Space): Topics Include:

Destroy The Deck grew into /root_DIR, Disrupt & Dropdead, beers & Lamb of God, WILSONCORE, the 5 second show.

Set 2 (13 May 2018 at The Space):

Hobo Sandwich * I Fucking Love Sand * An Object In Grind Stays In Grind * Newsworthy * Fuck You Drummer From Brudos (You’re Just Pissed You Have to Live In Salem) * McNasty

Interview 2 (by phone): Topics Include:

/root_DIR tour update, Salt Lake City show, drums and bringing in other styles, pizza in Redmond, cauliflower mash, wrapping up the band (for now), Semi-Colin’s photography, the Boise scene, Greg Saunders in Vale Oregon, The Old Girl, DB Crust & Jinglecore, /root_DIR road tunes, Budweiser & Memory Foam sponsorships, Sacramento show, Reno show, sausages & sauerkraut, & “Four beers in!”

Set 3 (5 January 2018 at The Twilight Cafe):

SOPA v2.0 * Technically Death Metal * Beau Fucking Lucas * Book Learnin’ * Face Fisted * Monsanto * SwearPoint (Feature Creep) feat. kiisu d’salyss

Outro (13 May 2018):

Old As(s) Fuck(s)

The First Punk On The Moon (A Grumpy Punk Presentation) (/root_DIR & Xiphoid Process Interviews) (#8.5)

The Semi-Colin Interview (#52)


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