AL1CE: “All About AL1CE”

AL1CE: “All About AL1CE”

This is my interview with AL1CE, conducted in the Lava Lamp Lounge on 1 September 2018.

This program is sponsored by J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link. We are also now a part of the They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Network!  This week’s TMBG DAS is, “The Neck Rolls Aren’t Working.”


Silent Night

Major Tom

Breathe (Part Two)

Topics Include:

Introducting the band (Steve, Sascha, Gordon, Scott, Tash), ‘Musical’ chairs, choreography, The Alice Project, Mankind Is Obsolete meets Lotus Rain, then started writing new material, the diversity of projects and events, making videos, Breath (Part 2) video, new record, a new release every full moon, the motivation of a ticking clock, the value of imperfections, “tour tight,” AL1CE boxed set, social media, AL1CE Tours Dates, The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, the USB Keys, the outdoors and making videos, putting on shows, Happy Poo Time, AL1CE philosophy, playlists on The Road & driving.

AL1CE Photoset

AL1CE Touring Playlist:

Books & Podcasts
Synth wave
Massive Attack
The Doors Greatest Hits
The background music in podcasts
Martian Chronicles



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