Tim Maloney: “The Weirdest Things We Could Possibly Make Up”

Tim Maloney: “The Weirdest Things We Could Possibly Make Up”

This is my interview with Tim Maloney, conducted by Skype on 14 December 2017.

This program is sponsored by LivBar. Go to LivBars.com for more information.


Topics Include:

Cat-Head Theater 360 degree, bad timing & media shifts, Vicki Bennett’s Gone Gone Beyond film for CinechamberJim Woodring, learning your tools, Everything You Know Is Wrong (2017)The Firesign Theater, Anna (2017), the finances of independent filmmakers, working for Disney’s 1997/98 Saturday Morning BlockPrudence Fenton, Allee Willis, Mark MothersbaughPaul Reubens, WNUR in Chicago, Tim’s mix show in 1986/87, discovering Negativland, Snuggles Mailing listRichard Lyons, Bob Chance, Making “Gimme The Mermaid,” Our Favorite Things DVD, The Institute for Sonic PonderanceDroplifting, sampling, downloading and copyright violations, God Hates Cartoons (2002), working with Ivan Brunetti, Diaper Dyke & Captain BoyfuckThe 180 Gs / David Minnick, “Over The Hiccups,” Naked Cosmos and Gilbert HernandezDr. Creep, archiving Over The Edge, The True/False Tour, archive.org & Jason Scott, lost ‘80s Over The Edge shows being recovered from fans, teaching film & Craig Baldwin.

The People Like Us Special! (#81)


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