Nathan Carson: “How Not To Be A Hobbyist As An Artist”

Nathan Carson: “How Not To Be A Hobbyist As An Artist”

This is my interview with Nathan Carson, conducted by Skype on 4 January 2018.

This program is sponsored by LivBar. Go to for more information.


Topics Include:

The Willows, Floating World Comics, Sam Ford & Wizard Rifle, Paul Chadwick, making adaptations in comics, non fiction writing, Witch Mountain, KARP, The Whip, booking tours,, Heavy Metal Sewïng Cïrcle, Kyuss, touring with Danzig, engaging with your record collection, DJ Nate C, Starr Creek, getting short fiction published, plans for the future, going to cons, making the time to write, Creating Short Fiction by Damon Knight, writing advice, “Midnight” by Witch Mountain single on adultswim, communication etiquette, Bishop of Battle and Moon Patrol.

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