The Paintings: “I Just Like Playing With These Guys”

The Paintings: “I Just Like Playing With These Guys”

This is a performance &  interview with The Paintings, conducted in the Guitar Castle on 12 December 2017, and at The Space Concert Club on 24 June 2018.

This program is sponsored by J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link. We are also now a part of the They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Network!  This week’s TMBG DAS is, “The Poisonousness.”



Topics Include:

Aldo, Tim & Jayson, Beef Kitchen & Mickey leading to the original Paintings line-up, Aldo’s garage prog with Mitch Duafa & Breviamor, Live Streaming and the problem with bars, Tim’s time in the Hundred Dollar Jayhawks, Aldo & Jayson’s new friendship, Jayson’s re-introduction to the scene, recording as a part of songwriting, timing of shows, the long lost outdoor stage at The 50 Pub ‘n’ Grub (a venue that has since passed), the problem with music scene in Salem, having fun when you play together, scheduling, Kelly & Mick, Schizophonic Records, other venues and closing bits.

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