Forrest Friends: “Creating A Soundscape”

Forrest Friends: “Creating A Soundscape”

This is a performance &  interview with Forrest Friends, recorded in the The Lava Lamp Lounge on 31 August 2018, and a performance recorded on What’s This Called? on 23 March 2013.

This program is sponsored by J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link. We are also now a part of the They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Network!  This week’s TMBG DAS is, “Gudetama’s Busy Days.”




Topics Include:

The ecosystem of Forrest Friends, developing a mode of creation and performance, halloween records, the Forrest Friends origin story, 11 years in, outside forces as another band member, developing a musical language, pulling yourself out of a comfort zone, balancing the chaos vs. the mundane, Nathan Pepperoni w/ CEOs Inc. in Bend OR, discovering improvisation, warbled Confusion Is Sex, Trout Mask Replica, Caroliner, Sun City Girls, Tult, Mr. Powers & his “music theory” class, high school influences, and the banjo.

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