Mark Hosler: “We’re Dumbing It Up”

Mark Hosler: “We’re Dumbing It Up”

This is an interview with Mark Hosler, recorded over Skype on 25 October 2017.

This program is sponsored by J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link. We are also now a part of the They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Network!  This week’s TMBG DAS is, “Ampersand.”


Topics Include:

NorCal NoiseFestRat Bastard and the International Noise Conference, the term “noise” in music, Tony at Make Noise Co., modular synth scene, radio performing, gear talk, the Booper, learning how to play live, the change in technology, Mark taking on the ashes of past members Ian Allen,  Don Joyce & Richard Lyons (plus his brother & parents), coping with and processing death, Richard’s sense of humor, Dayle Embree photo, grieving and finding ways to come to terms with loss, the process of selection, The U2 Record, comedy, Firesign Theater, & Monty Python, creative influences, Mark’s record collection, prog rock, breaking the fourth wall like I’m doing addressing you right now, Prog Rock (YesGenesisGentle Giant), Music For 18 Musicians by Steve ReichPhillip Glass‘ Music in Twelve PartsNeuTodd RundgrenBody Love by Klaus SchulzeThe Modern Dance by Pere UbuEraserhead, wanting to create whole worlds in art, Mark’s lectures, Free, grunge and Steve FiskNirvana, lawsuits and what to do after the U2 single, controlling your image as artists, punk ideas, working with SST Records, not giving photo credits, Talking Heads, letting art take center stage, doing lectures, a complete work of art, DispepsiJon Anderson’s Olias of SunhillowA Big 10-8 PlaceMad Magazine, having a sense of humor, Making Deathsentences, more about the Booper, The Weatherman’s Interview, listening to records as an activity, Negativland’s Audience, shuffle play listening, their websitePastor Dick’s Jukebox, making music in the CD era vs. the vinyl era, sequencing and arrangements, consuming art as it was intended, Negativland’s approach toward new material, sequencing, finishing work, Our Favorite Things DVD & Tim Maloney, the traps of being an artist, Peter Gabriel, It’s All In Your Head, Pastor Dick, Richard LyonsDavid WillsNegativland’s art shows in 2005, the impact of death, Over The Edge and The ArchiveDon Joyce, more on Tim’s archival work and recovering lost OTE shows, Jason Scott, Brewster Kahle, No Business, the selection process, Trump’s impact on the new Negativland record, Body English, Steven Colbert & John Oliver, Taylor Jessen, old Don material on new releases, live performances now, the modest goals of young Negativland, processing loss, What Would Don Joyce E-Mail?, Escape From Noise, Mark’s record collection, being misquoted, Helter Stupid, fake news, other kindred lost souls & The David Bowie story.

The Mark Hosler Interview Part I (#78)

The Mark Hosler Interview Part II (#87)


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