Marc Time: “We Were All Record Junkies”

Marc Time: “We Were All Record Junkies”

This is an interview with Marc Time, recorded in the Lava Lamp Lounge on 19 December 2018.

This program is sponsored by J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link. We are also now a part of the They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Network!  This week’s TMBG DAS is, “Chip The CHiP.”


Topics Include:

Started at KALX in 1975, Mick & Marc’s Noise 30 Minute radio show in 1976, starting The Jars, working at Rather Ripped Records, making records, The Jars evolving into The Art Faggots, Bo, the difference between SF and LA, Crime, the difference between punk before and after 1980, Syncopated Pandemonium radio show in the early 70s, breaking records on the air, KALX flips to Punk Rock, (The band Austin was thinking of and fails to mention at this point in the interview was The Dictators), The Museum of Unfine Art / Sonar Map radio show / Shawn Mediaclast, The Sunday Morning Hangover,, Honey Vizer, getting bored with the status quo, the problem with college radio, Rumours & Fleetwood Mac, record rummaging and shopping by cover, The Sunday Morning Hangover TV show, retro vs new music, Time of the Assassins, records vs digital life, rebellion and culture, Christmas & religion, the influence of being lied to, and digital life vs real life.

Honey Vizer, LIVE! 21 June 2009 

My appearance on The Sunday Morning Hangover (21 October 2018) (w/ Mark Hosler & Don Haugen)

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