Kelly Taylor: “As A Kid I Wanted To Be David Bowie”

Kelly Taylor: “As A Kid I Wanted To Be David Bowie”

This is an interview with Kelly Taylor, recorded in the Lava Lamp Lounge on 7 November 2017.

This program is sponsored by J Jean Portraits, & Peggy’s Vegan Hot Sauce. For more information about our sponsors, follow the link. We are also now a part of the They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Network!  This week’s TMBG DAS is, “The Bullies.”


Topics Include:

Recording with new technology, Haywire Studios, recording with old technology, taking advantage of the digital world, technology & control freaks, the development of arrangements (solo vs. full band), starting on a new song, finding the door, Some Chords by deadmau5, frustrations with EDM, dumb genre nonsense, the formula for predictable music, “cozies,” the freedom of boundaries, finding a voice within rules, the phone as a compositional tool, broken and expensive gear vs. what’s at hand, Causticnot performance music, drummer stories, Years For Months, Mick of Northwest Notes, Stan & Andy of Easterly, resurrecting old songs, Come Back Maggie, writing a lot of songs, growing up in rural Oregon and discovering the guitar, downloadedshow.blogspot.comAppetite For DestructionKill ’em All, the song “Numb,” ways music can be re-interpreted, Hank IIIWe Are Street, and looking for something new.

The Kelly Taylor Show (#82)

Sound The Klaxun!! (#82a)

Mick Hickman: “I’ve Always Just Played Whatever Comes Out”

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